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Patrice Bellefleur

Patrice Bellefleur

Photometrics Technician

T  450 914 5700 poste 403


Patrice has been in the lighting and electricity field since 1996. He has worked for various players in the field, such as distributors, manufacturers and manufacturing agents, where he held several positions as an inside sales, lighting consultant and project coordinator. He holds a delinquency intervention technique, which is where he started working part-time in electricity and lighting and fell in love with it. Patrice obtained his IES certificate back in 2002. With his calm temperament, patience and meticulousness, he was the ideal candidate for photometric design. He knows how to visualize in 3D the interaction that luminaires will have in the space in which they will be installed, thanks to his extensive experience in lighting.  Patrice and his wife were foster parents for 12 years and are now the proud parents of the two children who have shared their home since childhood following their adoption.

Passionate about ping-pong, he will always be up for a game if you give him the opportunity!


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